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Contributing to Country's Economy

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Our Businesses

Iron Products

We supply following products:

  • Iron Ore
  • Iron Concentrate
  • Iron Pellets
  • Direct Reduced Iron (Sponge Iron)
  • Profiles & Rebars
  • Steel

Construction of Civil & Industrial Units

We take pride in the knowledge and expertise that we have gained from working on many challenging but rewarding projects throughout Iraq. We have the resources, engineering, and support staff to construct any project regardless of size, location, complexity, or demanding scheduling parameters.

Bulk Food Import

We import mostly Nuts and Dried Fruits from highest quality factories and suppliers. We provide unique quality and fresh Pistachios, Figs, Raisins, Dates and etc. Bulk orders are delivered in food grade packing inside cartons.

Nut Bar/ Fruit Bar/ Energy Bar/ Protein Bar/ Cereal Bar
Packaged Goods

Retail Goods
& etc.

We are specialized in selecting heathy and HALAL organic and high quality snacks and goods for distribution to retailers and wholesalers. Packaged Nuts, Dried Fruits, Seeds, and Chocolates are our specialty. We also provide healthy snacks such as Nut Bars/ Fruit Bars/ Energy Bars/ Protein Bars/ Cereal Bars.



Precision in Work

Logistics Control

Effective supply chain


Availability and Responsibility


Expert Employees on Jobs

Consulting & Negotiation Services

Consulting and helping you to take opportunities to Create Valuable relations.

Import Services

We can provide LCL or FCL orders from almost any where in world.

Customs Clearance

Our experts are ready to provide custom clearance services.

Delivery Across Country

We can deliver goods anywhere you are in the country.

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